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Where and how can I get information about your university?

You can get information about our university from the Publicity Office of ASBU. You can call +90 312 596 44 45 or send an e-mail to


I have just passed the university entrance exam. Do I have to register for classes?

Since the medium of instruction is English at our university, you have to take English proficiency exam. If you are exempted from the proficiency exam, you can register for the course.


What happens if I am not enrolled in the course within the specified time?

If you do not have a valid excuse, you cannot register for that period, which results in the extension of the period.


Can a student who does not register in Fall and Spring semesters register for the next semester?



What do I need to do to freeze my registration?

There must be a valid excuse to be accepted by the Faculty Administrative Board in applications made to Unit Student Affairs within the first 10 days of the start of academic year. However, the only valid excuse for applications after 10 days is a health problem.


Are students studying in formal education supposed to pay Tuition Fee?

There is no charge for a normal period; but those who do not finish at the normal period or study at a second university at the same time have to pay the tuition fee determined by the Council of Ministers. In addition, students have to pay a regular tuition fee even if they fail for one course.


Do I have to pay the tuition when the registration is frozen?

No, those who do freeze registration will not have to pay the tuition fees.


What are the procedures applied for students who leave the program they are enrolled in and who re-enroll to an undergraduate program via university entrance exams after graduation in order to be exempted from the lessons they have already succeeded in previous programs for the new program?

They are supposed to write a petition to the chair of the relevant department stating the courses to be exempted from with an attachment of a certified document of the transcript.


What is cumulative grade point average (CGPA)?

Since the beginning of education, including the semester he / she has completed, including the semester he / she has completed.


How is CGPA calculated?

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the product of the grade points and credit hours for each course taken in the current and all previous semesters and it is divided by the total number of credit hours taken in the current and all previous semesters.


What is the passing grade?

(1) A student who receives AA, BA, BB, CB and CC in/from a course is considered to be successful.

(2) DC and DD achievement grade indicates that the relevant courses have been conditionally achieved.

(3) DZ grade is given to the students who do not attend the lessons in the semester / year and it tis announced by the instructor before the end of the end-of-term exam or finals. / year. These students do not have the right to take the semester / year-end exam.

(4) Students who do not take end-of-term exam/ final exam are given a GR grade without considering their previous work

(5) DZ and GR grades are treated like ZR and they are weighted in the overall grade average.

(6) In order for the student to be considered as successful in the courses evaluated as conditionally successful, the grade average of the term-end must be at least 2,00 in the yearly programs. Students whose GPA is less than 2.00 are considered unsuccessful.

(7) The effect of the midterm exam grade on the general achievement grade can be maximum 50%. This rate is announced by the relevant teaching staff at the beginning of the semester.


Do Common compulsory courses (Turkish Language, English, Atatürk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution) affect CGPA?



How about failing the class or semester at our university?

If the last two CGPAs of a student fall below the 2.00 threshold; the student will have to restudy for the next semester. (If one of the last two CGPAs is above 2.00, the student does not fail the semester.)


What should students who cannot complete the program in the scheduled graduation time do to catch up with their peers?

Of the students that do not complete the program in the scheduled graduation, the ones having a CGPA with 2 and above continue with their peers.


In which case is the health report taken as an excuse?

The health report is only valid for exams. It has no effect on absenteeism.


I have taken all of the departmental courses and I haven’t received any F grade but my GPA is below 2. Am I able to graduate?

No. Your CGPA should be 2 and above in order to graduate from a program. Therefore, students who have a CGPA below 2, are supposed to re-take three courses (at most) with a pass grade of DD, DC and CC taken in the last two semesters.


What is a lateral transfer?
It is a transfer from one higher education institution where the student is registered to another, or to another faculty having equivalent educational programs within the same higher education institution.


When to apply for lateral transfer?

Applications are admitted on the dates determined by the Universities before the start of each academic year.


How to apply for lateral transfer?

The student will apply to the relevant the Deanery with the following documents taken from the institution to leave: transcript indicating that all the courses taken and the grades received from these courses, a document indicating that he/she did not receive any disciplinary penalties, and the certified sample of the ÖSYS result document


What are the requirements for lateral transfer?

Each university has different requirements for lateral transfer. Please check the requirements of the university that you would like to transfer.


How many ways are there for lateral transfer?

There are two ways of lateral transfer. You can apply for lateral transfer with either your CGPA or LYS grade.


When is the lateral transfer applied with a LYS grade?

Candidates must apply on August 1-15 and the ones admitted to make transfer enroll in the first week of September.


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