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Forms for Students

Click for Student Information Form.

Click for Address Notification Form.

Click for Multipurpose Petition Form.

Click for Course Enrolment Form.

Click for Course  Substitution and Adaptation Process Form  

Click for the course exemption application form.

Click for Diploma Request Form.

Click for Registration Freezing Application Form.

Click for Disenrollment Application Form

Click for Undergraduate Transfer Application Form.

Click for Discharge Application Form.

Click for Passport, Fee Exemption Form.

Click for Special Student Course Registration Form.

Click for Course Add-Drop Form.

Click for Residence Information Form for International Students.

Click for the Undergraduate International Student Application Form (Table-1).

Click for Undergraduate International Students Admission Special Conditions (Table-2)


Forms for Academics

Click for Students Grade Change Form.

Click for Course Report.

Click for Course Opening Form.

Click for OBS-ABS User Definitions Contract.

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