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Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Directorate of the Registrar's Office


The Directorate of Registrar’s Office is established according to the general provisions in accordance with Article 51 / a of the Higher Education Law No. 2547. Duties of the Directorate of Registrar’s Office are:

    1. To make the necessary works related to the new registration, acceptance and course status of the students,
    2. To carry out the processes of graduation, identity, scholarship, graduates
    3. other similar tasks.

Within this framework, our Registrar’s Office;

  • Performs the necessary work to create the regulations within the Registrar's Office, follows and evaluates the amendments to the legislation in force at the end of the year
  • Provides the determination and implementation of the principles related to education process
  • Takes the demands of unit, department, program openings, follows the process and correspondence for the relevant decisions
  • makes necessary followup and correspondence related to student quotas
  • enables the planning, implementation and publication of academic calendar processes
  • makes updates about the web page
  • prepares strategic plans, annual reports, performance reports, presentations etc.
  • plans and implements internal control standards
  • prepares and updates work flow charts of works in the field of activity
  • conducts purchasing procedures
  • ensures the application of exams, grades, evaluation principles and ECTS principles
  • carries out the work of Exchange Programs (Bologna, Farabi, Mevlana, Erasmus+)
  • applies the principles of chattel regulations.
  • prepares and ensures the implementation of the principles of the student council
  • carries out the work and procedures related to the candidate officers
  • ensures effective, efficient and fast implementation of the services in the unit
  • executes registration, course enrolments and final entolment processes
  • provides the determination of quotas and regulations of undergraduate transfer and vertical transfers
  • conducts scholarship, credit, contribution fees
  • determines the application and registration principles of international students, executes related procedures
  • provides double major and minor principles and executes related procedures.
  • follows graduation, diploma and diploma attachment procedures
  • executes procedures related to students IDs.
  • provides entrys of the Assessment,Selection and Placement Center ÖSYM statistics, the YÖKSİS database and the student information system
  • participates in the establishment, development and implementation of the quality management system in accordance with the quality policy, quality objectives and related procedures
  • keeps Student Information System (OBS) operationally ready, makes suggestions for its development
  • follows the decisions of the education committee and makes its secretariat
  • applies students discipline legislation
  • provides preparation of graduate followup module and storage of necessary information
  • answers the questions about registrar's office that are directed through the website
  • conducts the election affairs of the student council representative.

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