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Our duties;

• Initial registration, course registration, add, drop, and executes the final registration process.

• Horizontal and vertical migrations allows you to establish quotas and guidelines.

• Student scholarships, loans, contribution of the operations executes.

• Determines the method of application and registration for foreign students, and executes the corresponding operations.

• Double major and minor and provides identification of the criteria for business operations it executes.

• Graduation, diploma diploma and Oct procedures will follow.

• Student IDs with transactions it executes.

• OSYM statistics, YOKSIS database and entries to be made in the student information system, allows the tracking of students from various institutions questioning the writings, and prepares the statistical data desired.

• Quality policy, quality objectives, quality management system establishment in accordance with the procedures, development and implementation participate in the work.

• The student information system (OBS) is a functionally ready to use keeps, and makes suggestions for improvement.

• Education Secretary at the Commission makes decisions and follow.

• Implements the student discipline regulations.

• Graduate follow-up module performs data storage by providing the tools necessary to prepare.

• Obtain information from or through the website are ready to answer questions about student affairs.

• Works in the field of flowcharts and activity updates.

• Conducts the election of a student council representative.

• Work with Student Affairs in the direction of the preparation of the scope of the legislation, the legislation in force at the end of each year and evaluates proposed changes follows.

• Ensures the identification and implementation of the principles related to the educational process.

• Unit, department, the demands of opening the program takes a process to make decisions about follow up and correspondence.

• Include necessary tracking and correspondence students.

• Academic calendar of the process of planning, implementation, publishing).

• Updates on the student affairs web page.

• Strategic Plan, Annual Report, Performance Report and other similar reports and prepare presentations.

• Internal control standards, plans, and ensures that they are implemented.

• Prepares flowcharts of tasks in the field of activity.

• Purchasing accrual transactions and executes.

• Exams, grades, assessment principles, ensures the implementation of the principles of ECTS.

• Exchange programs (Bologna, Al-Farabi, Rumi, Erasmus plus) executes operations.

• Applies the principles of the regulation of movable property.

• Prepares and ensures that the principles of the Student Council are implemented.

• Nominated officers and the business operations it executes.

• The volume of services in an effective, efficient and expeditious ensures that will be applied.

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